WordPress Website Prices in Pakistan 2024

wordpress website prices in Pakistan

The most important thing about building a WordPress website is that we need to know what functions we need and how much the developer’s experience is. 8000 to 35000 is charged in Pakistan for a website of 8-15 pages. Apart from this advanced WordPress website prices range is 10000 to 40000.

WordPress website prices in Pakistan

Why there is so much difference in Prices for normal to advance WordPress website?

WordPress website prices

The main thing is developer experience for the rising of prices. another thing is the design of your WordPress website and the functions of the website.

Now let’s discuss in detail for a better understanding of how we develop a good WordPress website.

Everybody thinks that WordPress website development is very easy just purchased the theme and upload the theme and change their content and the website is ready.

But this website is not good for you and not for your business.

WordPress website which is best for your business is that which engages the customer and increases sales and boost your business rapidly.

Now the question is: How do we create the best website which engages customers?

and the answer is 

the following things are important for a WordPress website that engages customers 

1-detail of your business

2-customer questions answers.

3-Who is your competitor?

4-what  do your competitor for success

5- Which audience do you want to target?

To develop this type of website developer should be very experienced in their skills. he researches everything which is best for a successful business website. and create the most attractive design which gains customer attention add images that are very attractive and the website looks good. and write unique content. Now when you hire a  WordPress website developer check all these skills are very important for your website. if one of the skills is missing it increases your website bounce rate and is bad for your business.

WordPress website development

WordPress Website Prices in Pakistan

Wordpress website prices

WordPress website cost including Domain+Hosting+Themes+Plugins+Development+Maintanance+Data Entry is almost 80000 to 90000 yearly.

Everybody knows WordPress is free in Pakistan then why do we pay for a website?

WordPress is free but it has its own themes and layouts which we have to update and customize according to our requirements. That’s why we need to hire a developer. and also we need some extra paid plugins and themes.

WordPress Theme Customization and its benefits:

everybody needs to change the WordPress theme to their own requirements like

Brand Identity Change(Logo)

Website Color scheme with their own color scheme

Website content changing according to your brand 

Website Products/Services changes with your services.

Images update

And Plugins changing

These changes are called theme customization which is very important when we download WordPress and upload any theme.

Need a Developer for Theme Customization

WordPress website developer

If you want to develop an advanced-level website you need a developer for WordPress theme customization. and help you to grow your business. one of the best website developers in Pakistan is Cyberify.

Maintenance cost of WordPress Website in Pakistan 2024

WordPress website price in Pakistan

Buy Theme  4000-12000 (One Time)

Theme Customization  8000-25000 (One Time)

Domain name 8000-12000 (Yearly)

Support & Maintenance 5000-8000 (Monthly)

Now I hope you understand WordPress Website price in Pakistan and the ways how you grow your website and increase customer engagement and boosts your sales.

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