Have you just started a new spa and looking for the best spa website designs to attract your audience?

Look no more! You are at the right place.

We will not only provide you with the perfect designs for your beauty spa website but will also give you some tips and cover costs. Keep reading the article to know various themes for spa websites, such as medic spas, hotel or resort spas, stylish spas, destination spas, day spas, etc.

Let’s dig further into attractive and functional spa websites for inspiration.

Bio-Medical Spa

The first one on our list of top spa website design is the Bio-Medical Spa site. When you arrive at this spa massage website, you will immediately get attracted to its background video. The black and white theme gives a classy touch to the website. The footage running smoothly in slow motion on the home page, adds an aesthetic vibe to the outlook.

Bio-Medical Spa website design

The Bio-Medical spa website has further options on the menu bar, including their services, treatments, contact details, and terms and conditions. The homepage also presents other choices and CTAs, such as visiting their gallery, scheduling a consultation, and the products they are offering.

Urban Nirvana

While the name is not quite common, the website is an absolute piece of art. The Urban Nirvana site is an excellent mixture of smooth transitions, creative images, and a straight navigation map. In the menu, you will find about their services, location, and social media accounts. Besides that, they have different options for gift cards, booking, and careers. The Urban Nirvana website is an awe-inspiring display of a gorgeous luxury spa website design combined with high functionality.

Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa

Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa website

This website is perfect for you if you want a simple beauty salon spa WordPress theme. Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa has added a hospitable vibe to their website by choosing a warm and welcoming theme. Another amazing thing about the website is that they have attached a YouTube link on the site. It allows visitors to learn more about their spa and pick the services of choice.

The simple elements of the Destination Aesthetics Medical Spa make an absolute recipe to convert a stranger into a loyal customer.

Shop Good

Shop Good aims to make its website as convenient as possible for its users. They have added catchy headlines and call-to-action buttons to their home page to achieve their goal. The prominence of the CTAs allows customers to browse their services easily. The menu bar of this beauty spa website design is very well-organized and uses the right images with simple navigation. Apart from their services, the product placement instantly captures your interest. The white background makes the products more visible and boosts sales.

Calabasas Medical Spa

Interactive websites are a must for a business today as clients prefer a personalized approach. Calabasas is one such example of a luxury spa website.

Calabasas Medical Spa

The website user interface is incredibly simple and easy to explore. Multiple call-to-action buttons on its site, such as “Book an Appointment,” direct you to the relevant webpage where you can easily book an appointment. This feature signifies that you don’t need to spend much time looking around for your desired option. They have also added a map on their website so that you can easily find the location.

Dermalase Medical Spa

Dermalase Medical Spa

The Dermalase Medical Spa website design is one of the best spa website designs because of its outlook and effortless operation. They put their mission at the front and have their establishment history at the back. They have also mentioned the names of various brands and companies they have worked with to build credibility. Further information is at the bottom of this spa massage website, such as contact details, address, map, etc.

Shevet Hammam and Spa

Shevet Hammam and Spa

Shevet Hammam and Spa’s website is designed in a different, vertical slider way. The information is split into different full-screen segments when you arrive at the site. This luxury spa website design has interesting pictures, unique transitions, exciting effects, and fascinating layouts that catch consumers’ attention. The information division benefits users, so they do not get confused. This kind of design is quite popular for scanning the website easily.

Nuansa Spa

Nuansa Spa website design

Nuansa Spa has a straightforward and welcoming beauty spa website design. The transitions change so smoothly and subtly that you will not notice the change. The font on their site is simple, yet it complements the overall look of the beauty salon spa WordPress theme. The navigation, booking options, and prices are easily understood. It is an excellent choice of a top spa website design if you want something innovate yet easy to browse through.

Skincare Paris

When you talk about talking through pictures, Skincare Paris takes it seriously.

Skincare Paris

You will not find the words first on the Skincare Paris homepage. Yes, this is what makes them stand out. Skincare Paris has utilized animations so perfectly that it catches the attention at first sight. The good thing is that the animation does not make you feel like you are watching a video. Instead, it gives a smooth amalgamation of elements on this spa website design website.

Cape Cod Nail Co

The unique Cape Cod Nail Co website takes you on a virtual journey to the beach. Their website gives beachy, summery vibes and makes you believe you need a spa treatment. The nautical vibes give the feeling of getting a pedicure on that sand. The layout of their website is enough to make you feel refreshed. Besides the design, the well-curated content enhances the beauty salon spa WordPress theme.

Exhale Spa

This top spa website design knows how to draw attention and gain the audience’s trust at a glance. They have added their achievement of ‘Luxury Spa and Fitness Company of the Year at the North America Business Elite Awards’ on their homepage to endorse their credibility. Just by adding their achievement, they gained many customers’ loyalty.

Exhale Spa

Moreover, Exhale Spa has also put the details of the services and treatment they provide, such as virtual classes, a list of workouts and tutorials, etc. It lets you understand their work properly before making an appointment. The design is in accordance with the modern world, utilizing interactive features.

Juniper Natural Spa

Juniper Natural Spa

A gorgeous picture of well-manicured, pretty hands welcomes you on the homepage of Juniper Natural Spa. The picture exhibits how their treatments and services enhance your beauty, and they succeed in doing so very brilliantly. They have played with the psych of the audience to attract them. Juniper Natural Spa website has all the details related to their spa on a menu option on their beauty spa website, which ultimately helps bring the customers to their spa.

Tips for the Best Spa Website

Designing a spa website is not difficult if you understand everything you need. Look at a few luxury spa website design tips that help create a functional website to increase conversions.

  • Decide your goal and target audience.
  • Add a female model on your homepage to attract your major customer base.
  • Keep a simple user interface so that anyone can efficiently operate your website.
  • Add attractive pictures and videos on the site to precisely show your services.
  • Opt for a feminine theme on your website as it will give a soft look.
  • According to research, 38% of visitors leave a website if they find the layout unattractive, so don’t miss them.
  • Have a well-organized website with the necessary information.
  • Add multiple, simple call-to-action buttons on your website.
  • Try to make your site mobile-friendly, as mobile users generated 54.26% of global website traffic as of May 2022.
  • Choose and utilize your content wisely.

How Much Cost to Design Spa Website?

The cost of building a website is always subjective to the kind of layout, software, and elements required for the website. Luxury spa website designs may cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands. Expert designers charge $12,000 to $150,000 for a highly-functional beauty salon spa WordPress theme. However, some freelancers may charge less. Make sure to check the portfolio and consult the designers before making a decision.

The Bottom Line

Times have changed, and now people don’t want to go around the streets to search for their desired spa. In fact, they look out on different websites where they can get all relevant details before going to the place. If you have a spa business or looking forward to opening a new spa, keep the tips from expert web designers in mind when making a website. The above-mentioned spa website designs will help you immensely as they are the among the best spa website designs.