Search Engine Optimization, while many people know what SEO stands for, only a few understand what it is. Ever wondered why there is so much fuss about it in the online SEO market? That’s right! Because it matters.

In simple English, SEO means displaying your content/website in the top search engine results whenever a related keyword to your website’s content is searched.

We at Cyberify follow an effective SEO strategy made by extensive experience and research in the field to rank your website among the top-displayed results.

We checklist the following SEO techniques,

SEO Auditing

It’s 2019 already, and you need to maximize your traffic in an SEO market if you want to succeed. If you don’t, your business will take no time to bankrupt itself.

The fastest way to improve your site’s ranking is by performing an SEO audit. It assesses the current ranking and total SEO content of your website.

Keyword Research

After you have assessed the correct standing of your website, you might need to fill it with the latest keywords. Keywords play a massive role in ranking the content of your website in search results. They are explicitly targeted and are chosen by the algorithms of a search engine from within your website’s content.

Competitive Analysis

So, you have filled your content with appropriate and updated keywords. Now you have checked the SEO market and found similar web pages giving the same services as you are. These webpages are called your competitors, and 67% of online businesses have one or two massive competitors in the online SEO market.

On-Page SEO

Sometimes you want to rank one of your web pages, or one of your web pages might not be showing up on search results like other web pages on your website. In this case, you should consider doing an On-Page SEO. It is optimizing the current webpage and modifying it to improve its ranking.

Page Speed Optimization

Have you ever wondered why the websites appearing at the top of the search results have fast loading speeds? It is because they have page speed optimization in progress. They use programming and simple techniques to reduce the loading time of webpages from a hosting server to the user’s screen – optimizing page speeds.

Link Building

It is an advanced step to rank your site in the top SEO market. The process of increasing the inbound links to a website from another website to increase traffic and SEO ranking of that website is link building. It is vital for any online business as it can be the fastest way to promote a website.

Google My Business

Representing business-related services provided to owners by Google, this service gives more control to business owners over displayed results when the name of their business is searched on the internet.

Citation Building

Just like advertising, citation building focuses on mentioning the name, address, phone numbers, and other business information in the content of other websites. This helps to build traffic and ranks the target website among the top search results.

Tracking & Reporting

Using analytic tools to show which keywords, webpages, services, and ads are bringing traffic and sales to your website and then notifying whether or not these services are doing any good is termed tracking and reporting analytics. They help maintain your website in the top search results.

Conclusion: Cyberify, You, and the SEO Market?

Cyberify provides fast, affordable, and high-quality services, including business website design, domain name registration and management, blog creation with content writing and blogging strategy, social media marketing for the increased visibility of your brand, logo designing, programming for multiple platforms and design optimization for search engine ranking.

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