Many situations require businesses to hire people and get jobs done. Most of the time, hiring takes a long time, and for temporary jobs, starting a recruitment drive from scratch doesn’t make sense as you’ll end up spending a lot of time and resources.

Therefore, for jobs that a freelancer must handle for a single time or regularly, it is best to hire an agency or a freelancer to do that job for you as you’ll not only save space and resources but are also able to manage things remotely.

While freelancing individuals are great at handling jobs like writing or programming, they are not as efficient for things like managing marketing campaigns and generating content as well as graphics to go with them. This situation is where agencies come into play with their effective teams for handling big projects that can determine a company’s success.

Marketing, Project Management, and Development tasks are often done best when agencies vs individuals directly manage them for businesses. Read on why agencies should be your go-to choice for project management instead of individuals.

What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a team of professionals from several industries working under one roof. A well-established agency has a graphic designing team, a content management department, web development and design, and a mobile app development team, all of which are managed by a team leader.

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Depending on the type of service a digital agency provides, you can expect the best digital agencies to be versatile in their services. However, some specialized agencies offer support on specific types of projects.

Why are Agencies a better choice for Businesses?

Unless you own a digital business company, you are better off working with an agency rather than a freelance individual.

Why? Because agencies will help you complete projects quickly and incorporate their resources into your projects.

For example, consider you want someone to handle Social Media Posts for your business’s Facebook presence. Now, if you hire an individual to do this, he will be the only one writing content, designing graphics, and posting them to Facebook.

If you choose an agency, they will have a graphic designer design the templated content and incorporate the content written by a professional content writer.

Furthermore, a social media marketing specialist will handle the posting, which is only a single aspect of how agencies win the argument of agencies vs individuals.

Who is perfect for you?

The choice here is really up to your needs. However, to make it easy for you, we have developed this guide to help you find the best answer to this question.

Here are three factors to help you choose the best agencies or individuals for your business.

1. Map out your requirements

You will first want to map out your requirements and carve out exactly what service you need on a piece of paper. You can move forward to make a choice afterwards.

2. Evaluate your options

The next step would be to check your market and compare the level of service between individuals and agencies. Usually, this is a one-time process; once done, you won’t have to do it again. Depending on your findings, you can choose either one for your business.

3. Scope of the work

Once you have selected the person handling your job, you might want to check their compatibility with the scope of your work. Agencies are better suited for most projects since they have access to a larger talent pool vs individuals.

Agencies vs Individuals; One Last Thing!

Now that you know why agencies have better scores let’s shed some light on their weaknesses. Here’s a detailed comparison of agencies vs individuals.

1. Agencies charge extra for management.1. Individuals are easy to manage.
2. You don’t have direct contact with the workers.2. They often cost less than most agencies.
3. Work is done quickly by professionals in their fields.3. You can have significant contact with individuals.
4. Quality of work is generally higher.4. Quality of work is based on your selection.
5. Agencies prove to be a better asset to the company.5. Individuals often churn up some slack in demanding work conditions.
A comparison between agencies and freelancers.


Let’s say you are hiring for graphic design services! In the end, the best design is the one that meets the business’s needs and reflects its style. Whether it came from an agency, an individual freelancer or a creative group inside your company doesn’t matter.

So, the next time you’re looking for a designer, think about what you need. What fits your project, your budget—and your business’s broader goals?

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